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    The R15 driver has a pair of 12. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our and. Here are a few things you should pay attention to while choosing. A few bucks changed hands during on-course testing as well. But most golfers are woefully short of their potential. Fortunately, it's different now. The Alpha 815 has the same light, forged composite crown as before, along with a thinner, livelier titanium face that's made possible by stiffened ribs on the crown and sole, inside the body. This helps you hit the ball high and stop it quickly, even from long distances. High-speed computers that measure clubhead speed, attack angle, ball spin, launch angle and distance used to be reserved for tour players. Here are the keys to more distance, and all of them are easily understood by working with a clubfitter who uses a launch monitor to analyze your swing and ball flight. Today's irons blend forgiveness with soft feel and the ability to shape shots. To max your distance, you want to launch shots relatively high with low spin. Golf Digest studied how 150 average golfers hit their drivers. The club's hosel offers further adjustability, allowing face-angle changes from 1° open to 1° closed, as well as lie angles from standard best driver for slow swing speed 2015 2° upright. The industry-first "gravity core" rod has 10. Its replacement, the Big Bertha Alpha 815, takes the signature feature of the equally acclaimed Big Bertha Alpha driver and puts it to work in a model that average Joes can enjoy. If you are not that skillful anymore and prefer direct shots, go with 460cc. Since the driver is the longest club that pushes the ball the furthest, it looks like a perfect place to make those adjustments. After researching the way women play, clubmakers discovered that the average woman's swing speed is significantly slower than the average man's. Golf Digest may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. A shaft with a lower kick-point, or the point in the shaft that experiences the most bending, will help you get the ball up in the air with slower clubhead speeds. The best thing is experiment with several sets of clubs and choose one that instills a feeling of confidence. Trouble is, 20015 golfers aren't taking advantage of the game's increasingly sophisticated technology. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our and. Shaft Flex The rules regarding flex are fairly straightforward — slower the swing, swong more flex you want in the shaft.

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